Memory Research Unit (MRU)

We can remember dates to celebrate birthday, take medicine to save life, location for meeting, dating, use language to communicate and so on because we have memory. Memory is a critical ingredient for mental functions, including our understanding of the past, our current goals and actions, and our plans for the future. It is the foundation for our body of knowledge about the world and our selves. Memory is the central component for human identity with knowledge about the past informing decisions about how to act in the globe. 

Memory Research Unit (MRU) is the first memory research lab in Bangladesh to address the issue of memory problem with specialised knowledge and extpertise. The aim of MRU is to understand how memory is organized and supported by the brain. A particular emphasis is placed on understanding the diversity of autobiographical memory and its interacting components with other memory categories. Understanding the memory issues of neuropsychological cases, like brain damaged, accident and stroke patients are adding another dimension to this lab. 

Our research primarily draws on traditions from cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and neuroscience. We use a converging methods of approach, relying on well-controlled cognitive tasks, brain imaging techniques, self-report or subjective techniques, and the existing research literature.

MRU is interested in multidisciplinary approach with international collaboration for better global health issues.

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Relevant papers for Experimental Report

25/09/2016 20:31
Dear Students You can find all the papers related to your experimental report write up. Search the link and find your paper. Good luck. Digit memory in Chinese and English.pdf (For Exp 2) DigitSpan.pdf (For Exp 2) DigitSpanReadingRateLinguisticReactivity.pdf (For Exp...

MS Midterm Result Published

25/08/2016 21:23
Masters Midterm result on Developmental Disabilities has been published today. Please go through your roll number and check your grades. Good luck for final exam.  Midtern Result of MS 2016.pdf
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