Relevant papers for Experimental Report

25/09/2016 20:31

Dear Students

You can find all the papers related to your experimental report write up. Search the link and find your paper.

Good luck.

Digit memory in Chinese and English.pdf (For Exp 2)
DigitSpan.pdf (For Exp 2)
DigitSpanReadingRateLinguisticReactivity.pdf (For Exp 2)
Kawai-Matsuzawa-Magical_number_5_in_a_chimpanzee.pdf (For Exp 2)
Macken et al 2016.pdf (For Exp 2)
Memory Span Experiment Lab Report.pdf (For Exp 2)
Memory span reading.pdf (For Exp 2)
Morra_Vigliocco_Penello_IJBD_2001 (1).pdf (For Exp 2)


digit span and articulatory suppression.pdf (For Exp 1)
Fractionation of Working Memory Neuropsychological.pdf (For Exp 1)
Model of short term verbal memory.pdf (For Exp 1)
Phonological short-term memory contributions.pdf (For Exp 1)
Phonological Short-Term Store and the Nature of the.pdf (For Exp 1)
Phonological Short-term Store, Phonological.pdf (For Exp 1)
Phonological similarity effects in verbal.pdf (For Exp 1)
sample-experiment-paper-1.pdf (For Exp 1)
Short-Term Memory and Verbal Learning.pdf (For Exp 1)
The episodic buffer.pdf (For Exp 1)
The structure and functioning of phonological short-term memory.pdf (For Exp 1)