Undergraduate Research Student

Pritom Kumar Dash(Undergraduate student 2015)

        I am conducting a research in DUMRU lab to understand whether interviewing the same eyewitness in different point of time really make any impact on accuracy of witness information. Additionally, if there is any effect of time then who are more vulnerable to that time? Moreover, if misinformation is inserted intentionally then who are susceptible to those information. Judiciary system in Bangladesh could be enriched by that sort of information. My research titile is: The effects of time and misinformation on eyewitness accuracy.

Ayesha Akhter Sumi (Undergraduate student 2015)

        In our daily life we observed that student politicians show different kind of behavior pattern and among those agression is one to be highlight. I want to see whether agression does corelated with leadership or not. My researrch is focused on "Is Agression Neessary to be Involved in Student Politics? "

Dina Afroze (Undergraduate student 2015)

Maksuda Binte Matin(Undergraduate student 2015)

        I am interested in "Selfie Taking Behavior and Its Relation to Personality Pattern."

Sanjida Sarah(Undergraduate student 2015)


List of Undergraduate Researche Project Completed:

  1. An investigation to find relationship between sleep quality and life satisfaction. (Md. Ahsan Ullah, BS hons: 2010-2011)

  2. Effect of mobile use in life satisfaction (Md Saiful Islam, BS honrs : 2010-2011)

  3. Autobiographical Memory function: Does it varies with age and gender? (Selina Afroz, BS honrs: 2010-2011)

  4. Age and metamemory: Does older adults perform poorly? (Zayeed Alam, BS honrs, 2009-2010)

  5. The effect of emotion focused orientation at retrieval on emotional memory for younger and older adults. (Madhurima Shaha, BS hons: 2009-2010)

  6. Temporal episodic memory performance: does event’s relation matters? (Lisa Akhter, BS hons, 2010-2011) 

  7. Remembering Padma Tragedy: A comparison of the predictors of autobiographical and event memory. (Mst. Sumi Khatun, BS hons: 2010-2011). 

  8. The effect of age and gender on stroop effect of young and older adults. (Md Roshidul Hasan, BS Hons: 2009-2010).

  9. Effect of horizontal and vertical presentation of stimulus on visual short term memory. (Md. Rezaul Karim, BS honrs: 2008-2009)

  10. Music and Memory: Do the songs of Liberation war 1971 make any impact on young adults? (Nazia Mehnaz, BS hons: 2008-2009).


Roshidul Islam (Undergraduate student 2014